Compliments, Insults and the Paradox of Pillow Talk

I haven’t been a skinny girl since I was seven years old. At nine, I was told I wasn’t small enough to sit down and talk to the other girls. I didn’t “fit”… Continue reading

Fearless: Gettysburg’s Environmental Concerns Organization (GECO)

Gettysburg’s Environmental Concerns Organization (GECO)  fearlessly advocates for environmental change, promotes awareness and encourages better sustainability practices on our campus, and the world around us. Last weekend, 19 students from Gettysburg joined the People’s Climate… Continue reading

Wanted More from Moore

I was very excited when I first picked up Wes Moore’s book The Other Wes Moore. After hearing that it was chosen as the common reading text for the incoming class, and also… Continue reading

The Person I Am Becoming

***Note: This article is meant to be read while listening to the attached YouTube link for ‘The Untouchables End Title.‘ This song is mentioned later in the article.   Death, among other things, forces… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: American Association of University Women (AAUW)

Quickly establishing a reputation on campus for challenging inequality and holding events that grab attention and effectively communicate their message, the newly formed American Association of University Women club is a fearless and… Continue reading

A Piece of Myself

I believe in empathy. In the hustle of our daily lives it’s easy to forget that there is an entire world of people around us. We are often blinded by what’s going on… Continue reading

Don’t Shoot

You just don’t fuckin get it   It always amazes me how some people Seem to be experts in fields they’ve never seen, Know the right directions on paths they’ve never walked, And… Continue reading

Death By Masculinity

On Friday, May 23rd, a 22-year-old man killed four men and two women and injured 13 more people at the University of California Santa Barbara, citing women who were not “attracted” to him… Continue reading

Fearless: Class of 2014

We recognize all of the Gettysburg College graduates who will use what they learned and experienced over the past four years to fearlessly promote change, seek justice, and challenge inequality after leaving Gettysburg College. The following list contains the names… Continue reading

College Graduation: It’s a Big Deal

College graduation is a big deal for everyone. It’s especially important to me as a graduate of the Philadelphia public schools, as a child of a low-income family, and as a first-generation Cambodian… Continue reading