Don’t Shoot

You just don’t fuckin get it   It always amazes me how some people Seem to be experts in fields they’ve never seen, Know the right directions on paths they’ve never walked, And… Continue reading

Death By Masculinity

On Friday, May 23rd, a 22-year-old man killed four men and two women and injured 13 more people at the University of California Santa Barbara, citing women who were not “attracted” to him… Continue reading

Fearless: Class of 2014

We recognize all of the Gettysburg College graduates who will use what they learned and experienced over the past four years to fearlessly promote change, seek justice, and challenge inequality after leaving Gettysburg College. The following list contains the names… Continue reading

College Graduation: It’s a Big Deal

College graduation is a big deal for everyone. It’s especially important to me as a graduate of the Philadelphia public schools, as a child of a low-income family, and as a first-generation Cambodian… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Chelsea Broe

Consistently speaking up for social justice issues around campus, finding innovative ways to promote peer understanding, and making our campus a more welcoming, accepting, and open place, Chelsea Broe ’14 is a fearless… Continue reading

Bending the Binary

Friend: “Are you going to the Gender Bender Dance?” Me: “I think so. I probably won’t dress up though; I figure I already bend gender enough every day.” Friend: “What do you mean?… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: AnnaMarie Houlis

  Constantly working to make open and safe spaces on campus for women to speak up and receive support, using her writing and journalism skills to find and spread the word about social… Continue reading

Stop the Silence

Trigger Warning: This article contains potentially triggering material related to sexual assault. I am tired of the numbers. The statistics. We all know them. One out of every six women are the victims… Continue reading

Fat People Exist

A couple weeks ago, I closed the stall door behind me in a Patrick Hall bathroom and was greeted by this sign. I quickly scanned the text, smiled at the picture, and had… Continue reading

Fearless: Conor Brooks

Recently named College Democrat of the Year for the entire state of Pennsylvania, Conor Brooks ’15 fearlessly advocates for political awareness, involvement, and participation, uses his leadership skills to affect change in Adams… Continue reading