Open Access

“Would you like to open a subscription to this journal?” “Download this article for $35.00.” “Sign up to receive access to this article.” During my summer research I saw a lot of these… Continue reading

Fearless: Margaret Jennifer Johnson

Fearless Margaret “Jennifer” Johnson arrived on campus in the fall of 2011, she wasted no time in looking for opportunities to get involved. During her first year, she joined the Gettysburg Gospel Choir… Continue reading

Blue Collar, Black Tie

Gettysburg pays for half my tuition. The other half, a nearly $25k, I have to take out every year in loans. I expect to graduate with over one hundred thousand dollars in student… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Emma Murphy

Emma Murphy is truly fearless for her persistence and strength in working to change attitudes and stereotypes towards people with learning disabilities both on campus and in the wider community. This semester, Emma… Continue reading

Musings From A Biased Jew

Saturday was Yom Kippur, the day we as Jews repent for our sins. During the holiday, we fast to afflict our souls, to provoke in ourselves to confess and obtain pardon. As I… Continue reading

What They Said

“Beau, stay after a little, I’d like to talk to you about something.” Gut-reaction – I’m in trouble. “What do you want me to do if someone uses the wrong pronouns when referring… Continue reading

Fearless: Mollie Sherman

As the 14 days to End Sexual Assault ends, Surge highlights the fearless actions of Mollie Sherman, for her courage to speak up against sexual assault. When Mollie Sherman made her Facebook post… Continue reading

Up-vote This

**TRIGGER WARNING** You are walking to class when you feel someone grab your butt with both hands. You scream, swing around, and watch your assailant sprint away. You feel humiliated, disgusted, violated. You… Continue reading

Compliments, Insults and the Paradox of Pillow Talk

I haven’t been a skinny girl since I was seven years old. At nine, I was told I wasn’t small enough to sit down and talk to the other girls. I didn’t “fit”… Continue reading

Fearless: Gettysburg’s Environmental Concerns Organization (GECO)

Gettysburg’s Environmental Concerns Organization (GECO)  fearlessly advocates for environmental change, promotes awareness and encourages better sustainability practices on our campus, and the world around us. Last weekend, 19 students from Gettysburg joined the People’s Climate… Continue reading