Fearless: Josh Griffiths

Continually a strong voice for the underrepresented on campus, working with other students and faculty to take initiative in changing campus policy and culture toward the LGBTQ community, and serving as a leader… Continue reading

“A” Is Not For Ally

Most people can recall their first crush. They think fondly back to age ten or eleven when they first “went boy-crazy” or couldn’t focus on sixth-grade English because that cute girl was in… Continue reading

Fearless: Anastasia Maisel

Working to create a meaningful, respectful, and community-minded Day of Service in honor of Gettysburg College student Emily Silverstein ’11, and continually involved in different farming and food initiatives in the Gettysburg area… Continue reading

Two Is Not Always Better Than One

Since moving to Berlin in January for my semester abroad, I have witnessed many fantastic scenes while riding the U-Bahn. Ranging from a suit-clad man hurdle-jumping into the train to women in hijabs… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Aidan Caravana

  Fearlessly creating a welcoming environment for students to learn more about Buddhism, spirituality, and meditation while also raising awareness for international social justice issues about which he’s passionate, Aidan Caravana ’14 helps… Continue reading

Surge <3s Yik Yak

   It was recently brought to the Surge team’s attention that a post was made on the social media hub, Yik Yak, claiming that “Surge must hate Yik Yak.” As a Surge editor… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Kirsten Crear

Even in her last semester here at Gettysburg, Kirsten Crear ’14 is fearlessly working to make changes for the future of the campus community. This semester, Kirsten introduced a STEMinists club on campus… Continue reading

I Watch Porn

I started watching porn when I was 16. The first thing I noticed was the porn actresses’ vulvas. They were hairless, perfectly symmetrical, with beautiful folds of labia. This being my only venue… Continue reading

Paradoxes of Porn

So I have a confession: I’m kind of obsessed with porn. Which is weird considering that I have never actually seen any. I was first acquainted with porn via my high-school boyfriend, who… Continue reading

Fearless: Emily Zeller

Finding unique, powerful, and innovative ways to combine her love of music, her passion for social justice, and her Jewish faith on and off campus, Emily Zeller ’14 fearlessly serves members of the… Continue reading