Fearless Friday: Sean Pethybridge

Talking with Sean Pethybridge ’15, one could easily assume his interest in agriculture and food justice developed at a very young age. Sean confesses that he had very limited knowledge prior to attending… Continue reading

A Difference of Appearance

Appearance can seem like it’s everything. My father is from California; his parents are from Mexico and El Salvador. He has tan skin and dark hair and is bilingual in English and Spanish.… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Erin O’Connor

For fearless Friday, Surge would like to commend Silent Leader Award recipient, Erin O’Connor. The Silent Leader Award was given this year in memory of Emily Silverstein ’11, a passionate member of the… Continue reading

Cannons To Canon

I’ll never forget the first moment, I truly realized who Batman was. No, I’m not talking about (SARCASTIC SPOILER ALERT) his alternate identity as Bruce Wayne, but instead his depth as a character,… Continue reading

The Other N Word

As we waited for a ride, I noticed my friend’s shirt. It looked strange and disjointed. It was white and black and looked like cut up picture of a contorted woman. Taken aback,… Continue reading

Fearless Friday: Friend or FOE

Friend or FOE, a recent addition to our campus offers queer students and their allies an opportunity to connect more socially and establish a mutual understanding of their experiences on campus. The group… Continue reading

Freeing Nemo

Floating on the surface of the water, I observe the life teeming below me. The waves were carrying my body further and further into the beautiful reef; but all I was conscious of… Continue reading

Rethink #

Watching anyone struggle with mental health disorders should never be funny- and yet, in some instances, that’s exactly how it is viewed. Recently, celebrity Amanda Bynes was involuntarily committed to psychiatric hold for… Continue reading

Fearless: Gettysburgian Breast Cancer Survivors

As we reach the end of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Surge would like to recognize breast cancer survivors. For today’s Fearless Friday, we are honored to highlight four brave and fearless Gettysburgians: Joyce… Continue reading

The Space I Own

***TRIGGER WARNING: Eating Disorders*** I don’t care what anyone says—being a woman is hard. Being a young woman has its own set of complications–we experience a lot of pressure to look a certain… Continue reading